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Looking Ahead To 2015

What's on the agenda for Put during the New Year?  Put plans to release his Classical EP,
which is yet to be titled.  He also plan
s to release a couple of singles and perhaps a 4th Album
by year's end
.  What we can tell you is, one of the singles will be very romantic and the other
will cause an uproar in the Black community.  So stay tuned!!!

Relive that unforgettable night of love making over and over again.  The Night That We Made Love,
the latest Album release by Put.  It's okay, be greedy and indulge yourselves.  What else is there to

Ever got fooled by the grass on the other side and it turned out to be only weeds?  Did a
jealous friend hook you up wit somebody they knowed won’t right?  Or is it, he just can’t work it
no mo?  Then, Put me n u Girl and Try Me!!!

Young Folks.  Want a patriotic rebellion in time for the Nation's Independence Day on July 4th?
I'm with you, so do
Rhythm to Move Da Flag (Star Spangled Banner).  It'll have you waving both d flag and your body to the Anthem while celebrating the country's freedom.

In the meantime, keep eyes and ears open for "Put's" upcoming R2M album.  If you're tired of
bouncing, then its Rhythm to Move your body differently.  R2M, the New Genre.

It just keep getting better.

Put the rhythm to move and shake D world in all your phones and devices.  R2M make great
Ringtones too.
  • Put have songs for all age groups and special events
  • Put has been playing and writing music for over 20 years
  • Put great music in your mind, body and soul with the          of a mouse
I am Put

Put, is a musician/songwriter from Atlanta, GA., with over 20 years of musical experience.  
Anyone, who like the beat, style and feel of today's music, will enjoy the music of Put.  Because,
whether the songs or new or updated oldies, the R2M is the same. So you, your parents and even
your parents, parents, can all listen and dance together.  What a family treat.  It's the perfect blend
for Family Reunions. So, for great music, entertainment and services, it's Put.  Expect more and
Put will give you more.
What can somebody with a name like Put do?

Put, not only write (notate), arrange, compose and perform for himself, but for others as well.  
He can also provide Midi files for your favorite songs.  That way, the music will have that Live
sound and feel to go along with your "Live Mic or Amp", which will match your voice and /or
instrument. This live feel is far better than that "Jive" prerecorded or turn table mismatch stuff.  
Admit it, you crave and want that "live' feel and sound throughout your live performances.  Your
audience will hear and feel the difference.

Tired of 20 plus years of bouncing 2 music?  Me 2.                               

Put, expanding the Musical Fan Base
Your Body
The Way
U Want 2
Expanding the Fan Base
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